Back from the dead. So being an opensource enthusiast and a lover of beer, it just made sense to revive this site and build a great opensource community around the world of brewing. Originally this site was run by Flying Dog Brewery.

Original Open Source recipe.

As far as malt we have decided to go with Wyerman malt. We incorporate this malt in some of our other beers and we have had medal winning success. As far as verities, we are going to keep things on the simpler side. For the base malt we will be using Munich Type 1 this will constitute 75% of out total grist bill. The remaining 25% will be as follows: 9% Munich Type 2, 2% Cara Munich, and 2% Cara Amber, and 2% Melanoidin.

As discussed earlier we have decided to use American grown hops in our Dopplebock. We have decided on Warrior for our bittering addition and domestic Mt. Hood for our late additions. Our wort boil will be two hours and our Warrior addition will be 30 minutes into the boil, with a flavor addition at 30 and 15 minutes before end of boil. We will omit any aroma additions as we are looking to focus on malt aroma.

As far as our yeast selection we have decided to go with Wyeast 2206 Bavarian Lager, which we found to have performed well in our test fermentations. We experienced a good strong fermentation using this yeast, producing a clean well attenuated lager during our test fermentations.

Although we are not capable of decoction mashing, we are able to steam heat our mash mixer. Using a suggestion by one of our brewers we will mash this brew in at 140F then heat it to our 155F conversion temperature.

Our primary fermentation temperature will be 52F and will be lagered at 34F in our cellar for 8 weeks.

Also based on one of our brewer’s suggestions, we will do something a little different for packaging. We will give our Collaborator Doppelbock a light filtration then bottle condition in our signature Wild Dog Champagne bottles. Bottle conditioning may not be a traditional technique for a lager like this, but everything about this project is about being unique.

To simplify the scaling down of our production recipe, percentages will be given in addition to our 50bbl brew recipe (two mashes to fill kettle) to allow brewers of any size system to adapt their recipe.

Flying Dog Open Source Beer Recipe
50 bbl (mash x 2)


OG: 19.5 P
FG: 5.0 – 5.5P
Color: 18 – 22 SRM
Bitterness: 22 – 25 IBU
Conversion Temp: 155 – 156F
Total Conversion Time: 1.5 Hours
Boil Length: 2 Hours
Primary Fermentation Temp: 52F
Lagering Temp: 34F

Grist: LBS %
Weyermann Munich “Type I” 2240 75
Weyermann Munich “Type II 550 19
Weyermann Cara-Munich 55 2
Weyermann Cara-Amber 55 2
Weyermann Melanoidin 55 2
TOTAL: 2955 100%

Hops: (2 hour boil) LBS
Warrior (15.1% alpha) @ 30 minutes into boil 12.5
Mt. Hood (4.2% alpha) @ 90 minutes into boil 8.0
Mt. Hood (4.2% alpha) @ 105 minutes into boil 4.0

Note: Brewers may need to adjust the weight of their bittering addition considering the many factors effecting utilization need to be taken into consideration.

Here is a list of links of some of the suppliers of our ingredients. Some of these links can provide further analytical data they may be helpful to the brewer.




We would like to thank all of the participants and visitors for the Open Source Beer Project. We feel certain that this will be a unique expression of the style and that the results of our collective project will be quite enjoyable.